Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Stroll Through My Garden


A Stroll Through My Garden

Come take my hand
And we'll go for a stroll
So I can show you my lovely garden
All abloom and aglow
With lots of trees native to my land

Around us you can see the magestic tall Gum trees
It's leaves food for our Koala
It's sap makes them drowse in the sun
Whilst some say it makes them drunk
Or it certainly seems so

We might be lucky enough to see
Swimming around in our dam
A family of Wild Ducks and their babies
And if I hold out my hand with some bread
I may be able to coax them to feed from me

I've got so much to show you
See that strange looking animal over there
Standing upright with a big thumping tail
With greyish brown coloured hair
That's my old pal the Kangaroo

We have lots of colourful Grevillia trees
Each covered with flowers full of pollen
And loved by our Parrot family of birds
Rosellas, Parakeets and Cockatoos
Can you hear them talk and screech?

If you come back tomorrow
We'll go for another stroll
And I can introduce you to the Platypus in my creek
Some really strange looking creatures
Well..... soon you can judge for yourself

By: Janine Daniel

*Note from Dan: Unfortunately, as with many of Janine's poems, the images that were originally included here are gone. I have left the broken links in the event that if the files are ever recovered by her family, they might be restored to their rightful place alongside her poetry.


8/21/2005 11:03:48 AM
This was so nice Janine, and I want to thank you for the stroll, it was wonderful and I have seen most of the animals you describe so that made the stroll even nicer. I think they are all beautiful including the trees and flowering. I truley love the way you describe things... :)

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com10/14/2005 4:42:20 AM
I won an award for this poem. First place in a Summertime Contest, pcla Poetry Forum, Oct. 2005.

10/14/2005 4:43:22 AM
Woohoo! Well deserved! What I read at the poetry club site my dear you deserved to win!



10/16/2005 5:02:47 AM
Heartiest Congratulations Janine.


1/21/2006 7:28:03 AM
Janine I love your work, it is so creative and seems to always give me a boost. You have a very strong grasp of putting the reader right in your thoughts. After I read one of your poems I always feel as if I ventured somewhere.

The graphics adds the rare Janine touch! Thank you for the stroll in your garden a place among many of yours I love to be.

1/21/2006 7:30:19 AM
Janine, I love this from the old forum and so happy that you placed it in the new forum, I would love to one day see this in person, just wonderful to experience it through your eyes and words, very nice.


1/26/2006 5:13:37 AM
I am glad you did because I am a newbie!

If you come back tomorrow
We'll go for another stroll
And I can introduce you to the Platypus in my creek
Some really strange looking creatures
Well..... you can judge for yourself!

I will be back tomorrow and I would love to take a stroll again with you Janine as the images painted with the words are very clear! And I felt as if you were speaking directly to me.

1/26/2006 5:15:12 AM
What can I say Janine? You never disappoint me. This was refreshing and the way you speak to the reader is so delicate like a friend wanting to help soothe a weary soul.

Not many have this gift but you do and how blessed we are that you share that gift with all of us.

2/1/2006 9:33:32 AM
Janine you always have such creative little add in's with your writings and that adds so much to your poems. I have always enjoyed your work. And this poem is EXACTLY why I do. You have a way of opening windows and not only letting fresh air in but also sunshine!

Awesome write!


2/1/2006 9:34:49 AM
You really ought to be in books, all around the world. This is a masterpiece; you drew me right in there with you.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Stargazer's Journey


A Stargazer's Journey

Here I am, lost again and floating around in space
I don't know which way is north and I'm a disgrace to my race
BUT, how can I resist the urge to follow a path
and see at its end such wonders that take my breath away?

I never imagined there was colour in space
yet I've seen clusters of stars shining out a purplish hue
and it's all I can do
to stop myself falling in a faint, I tell you
I'm so amazed at the sight I forget to breathe and hold my breath
well, a scholastic type I 'aint!

But I do know that there are wonders in this universe
this great expanse of sky that is so strange and beautiful
it makes one cry
for the extreme exquisiteness of its power
when you see an old planet at its final hour
and it explodes into vaporous dust and becomes a celestial ghost!

I've chased meteorite showers like one chases storms
a race so exciting it gets my heart pumping
and the blazing tails as they hit atmosphere
there's nothing like it in this world
or should I say out of it!
It may look like a solid tail to you
but from where I sit I see a billion sparks
flashing and arcing and so bright I have to blink
It's my favorite thing I love to see, or at least it is to me
I wonder......what would you think?

I've seen constellations, super nova, nebula and globular
planets, suns and trillions of stars
I've traced the points of Sagittarius and tried to figure them out
I've wallowed in the Milky Way and had trouble getting out
I've seen the Stars called The Big Dipper
a simple cluster for sure
and I've even been as close as my own front door
I've longed to walk on Saturn
and slide around it's rings
and the gaseous depths of Jupiter
reminds me of mystic things

My life is all I want it to be
an interesting one for sure
At night when I go to sleep
I know that just beyond my door
there are a million surprises
waiting to stun my inquisitive mind
and I know I’ll go home one day
somewhere down the line
But for now I’m really quite happy
adrift in outer space.
Believe me when I say
it’s quite an interesting place!

By: Janine Daniel


1/22/2006 10:25:23 AM
My bags are packed and I'm ready to go. It is the imagination unleashed that you have crafted here and designed to transport the reader. Whimsical with an intensive curiosity and I loved it. Namyh
P.S. - When is that next trip to the land of "Beam me up Scotty"?

1/22/2006 10:26:08 AM
A Stargazer's Journey Imaginations magic, can transport you into worlds of fantasy. You may meet old friends who travel the same route and share a cup of coffee or just wave as you pass
Hasta la vista

1/22/2006 10:27:28 AM

I’ve seen constellations, super nova, nebula and globular
planets, suns and trillions of stars
I've traced the points of Sagittarius and tried to figure them out
I've wallowed in the Milky Way and had trouble getting out
I've seen the Stars called The Big Dipper
a simple cluster for sure
and I've even been as close as my own front door
I've longed to walk on Saturn
and slide around it's rings
and the gaseous depths of Jupiter
reminds me of mystic things

Janine, this is such an inspiring piece. I especially enjoyed the quote above. Thanks.

Deb Benson

1/22/2006 10:28:41 AM
I thought that was you I saw on my way to Neptune. Great write.

Blueberry Kitten

1/22/2006 10:29:55 AM
Don't know if you've ever read or seen the movie "Contact" but your musings give credence to the line Jodie Foster (Amy Arroway) says with reverence once she arrives at Vega.

"They should have sent a poet."

1/22/2006 10:30:59 AM
Janine, such wonderful imagery of what is beyond the realm of this world. I can see you sliding around Saturn’s ring, and chasing comets. Brilliant writing and such a wonderful trip that I have been taken on.


Sharon Wilshire

1/22/2006 10:32:05 AM
A true gem Janine, I loved the wording of this part.

for the extreme exquisiteness of its power
when you see an old planet at its final hour
and it explodes into vaporous dust and becomes a celestial ghost


solante aretino

1/26/2006 5:00:42 AM
A great write.
I’ve got a telescope and a tripod.


1/26/2006 5:01:58 AM
I too remember Jodie Foster's character when confronted with the enormity of what she was seeing, saying that it would have been better for a poet to have been chosen to go. Inside me a voice was screaming: ME! ME! Take me!

The infinite wonder that awaits us "out there" is beyond our dreams.
It has been said that the universe is not only greater than we imagine, it is greater that we can imagine. You have given us here, a glimpse into that wonderful everything.


1/26/2006 5:04:00 AM
Janine, I'm loving this journey; and it's only barely begun. See ya, sweet one beyond the sun.

I love you,

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com1/26/2006 5:05:43 AM
Joelsz from Crossroads, Flowing Quills poetry forum gave me the “Words of Wonder Award” for this poem, 22/1/06.

1/26/2006 5:07:03 AM
I always knew if anyone could even come close to relating the wonder and the lustre of the Grand Infinity over our heads, it would be you Janine. What a wonderful spin 'round the Heavens you've given us!

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com1/26/2006 5:08:02 AM
SandDollar nominated this poem for Poem Of The Week at Crossroads, Flowing Quills poetry forum, 26/1/06
dragul angelas

1/26/2006 5:09:23 AM
a lost in space odyssey
enjoyed the constellation of words
bind me to capture your infinite beauty
that i too stand star gazed

Wanda Fable Weaver

1/26/2006 5:10:44 AM
Janine, This poem deserves recognition and honor. It is simply an outstanding write. Wow!


2/1/2006 9:47:18 AM
The Aspiring Poet

So Janine my sweet, you've gone a spectacular journey into the Galaxy, and just like a woman, you've got yourself lost.

Hold on there honey, I'll get my old telescope out and see if I can guide you in the right direction. lol

NOOOOOooo! Turn right at the next star! lol cool

Loved reading this excellent poem! Well posted lady! kiss

It’s a treasure

Cass Vibbert

2/1/2006 9:59:03 AM
Very good analogy here. Space is nice but sometimes earth can be nice too.

I like the word play here.

*Note from Dan: Poetic Piers/Ivor, Sanddollar1/Annette, and I think Newell Usher have all passed away in the past decade.

Friday, June 15, 2018

A Silver Edged Kiss


A Silver Edged Kiss

(Before you start reading I want you to know this poem is of a dark nature and may not be to everyone's taste.)

You sit there in front of me on the table
So still and silent, a voice that never speaks
And yet you call out to me, pleading with me
To just once place you against my skin
And run the shiny silver edge of your blade
Across the smooth flesh of my wrist

I lie here on the table in front of you
Gripped with rapture, yet I can't speak
Just once I wish to caress your soft flesh
And feel the ecstatic thrill of the touch
As my sensuous edge meets your tender wrist
Two lovers entwined in a silver edged kiss

In my room, my enchanted room
I am defenceless against your beckoning
To consummate this marriage between
Your blissful slices and my bloody release
Where only the thoughts of your cutting edge
Lingers in the darkness of my longing
To play with you in my lustful deed

I shiver with anticipation
As you slowly run your finger
Along my finely honed edge
Leaving a slight trace of blood
And teasing me with the taste
As I hunger with a thirst
That is craving to be fed

You feel weightless in my hand
Gleaming in the flickering light
Fear smoldering in anticipation
A soft wet kiss from my bloodied lips
Depression in a desperate embrace
As wet earth to a wild vine
Entangled in suffocation

From where I'm lying here in your hand
I can sense your fear
Yet feel your anticipation as you
Place your lips upon my rigid length
Your bloodied kiss sends me into a swoon
Moments before I slip from your grasp
And fall plummeting to the floor

©Silkie & Janine Daniel

By: Janine Daniel

Author's Comments

This poem is a collaboration between myself and Silkie, who is another member of Literary Angels Poetry Club. 

Shannon Wendler

12/8/2001 9:59:47 AM
Impressive you two! I can not tell who wrote what it all blends so well, the description in this was so strong and powerful makes you escape into this deadly passion. WOW!


12/8/2001 10:03:12 AM
I am impressed as well!!! This is so wild you two ... JANINE? Is that you in there??? I am like Shannon. I can not tell who wrote what!

Powerful and strong, I love to see that in collabs! YOU GO GIRLS!!!


12/8/2001 10:04:43 AM
I am completely speechless... I could feel the anticipation and everything when I read this... It was so weird, and I loved it!!! Excellent job!

12/8/2001 10:06:09 AM
Oh BOY HOWDY!!! Was I ever in a trance reading this! passionate, seductive, dark and powerful! That is all I have to say cuz the poem speaks for itself here!
Rachelle Wiegand

12/8/2001 10:08:25 AM
Whoa!! My Vampiresses!! Dark Ladies of the Night!! This is AWESOME!!! Is this the first collaboration you two have ever worked on? I don't recall ever reading one before. Well, you get two great writers together and the only thing the end result could be is terrific and unexpected. This is both.

We are lucky to be able to read the two of you here. One day, I'll have to buy the book! This is spectacular, ladies!! So good to see you guys writing together!

The Songbird
Daniel A Stafford

4/19/2002 1:58:44 AM
What a glimpse into darkness - this is something that twists your insides to taffy to read, yet it is so brilliantly worded you can't stop. I'll give you two credit - when you put yourselves into a piece of writing, there are no holds barred and no visions you two couldn't bring to spellbinding light.
This should be narrated by Rod Serling, it's that well done.

Mark Woods

4/19/2002 2:01:54 AM
Wow, that was a glimpse into darkness with unexpected illumination....
You two are great!! This was one you don't stop reading until it lets go of you. Awesome job!


4/19/2002 2:09:55 AM
wowowowowoow!! I didn't expect such a reaction to this piece. (Thanks for getting this posted Janine, I've been hard up for internet time in the last week)

I started out with a mental image and only a few words to go with it. Janine hopped right in there and took this to a level I had not even considered. She was wonderful to work with and I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks for collaborating with me on this Janine, I can't wait to do it again and thank you all for your wonderful feedback!


4/19/2002 2:12:46 AM
A great collaboration. I enjoyed the poem, the despair, the pain, I enjoy poetry that comes from deep within the belly and slams right onto the page. Really good!
Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com4/19/2002 2:16:59 AM
Silkie and I won Featured Poets 12/12/01 at Literary Angels Poetry Club for our poem.
Rachelle Wiegand

4/19/2002 2:19:37 AM
Oh, yes!!! I found this piece enticing!!! You two are both masters of fantasy!! The thought of you guys writing together never occured to me until you did, but I knew it would be good!!



The Songbird

4/19/2002 2:23:13 AM
Oh WOW I am so happy to see this!!!! Well done Silkie and Janine. What a wonderful collaboration and I can see why it is showcased at LA1 and on at


4/19/2002 2:25:47 AM
I really enjoyed this poem, a wonderful showcase. Congrats!

4/19/2002 2:30:03 AM
WOW! WEEEEEEEE! Amazing.....two poets I never thought would collab together! Because your styles are so different. I am pretty impressed I guess you can not put anything past writers!

Well done you two!


4/19/2002 2:31:32 AM
A big time congratulations you two, you totally rocked the house!

Jill Stone

4/19/2002 2:45:24 AM
Well, the name fits Janine and I am happy to see this showcased as well at
Way to go you two! And I would have never known either who wrote what. It blended so well, two thumbs up!
Shannon Wendler

4/19/2002 2:47:40 AM
I was happy to give this award Janine and Silkie, you both write so well but in different styles so when you collaborated together on this it totally blew my mind WELL DONE!

Todd Embers

4/19/2002 2:50:03 AM
Not much I can add to this that hasn't already been said. It's quite fabulous. I congratulate you both. Great Work!

Lavender Rose

4/19/2002 2:52:32 AM

5/2/2002 10:30:32 AM
Thanks Shannon for choosing our poem to be featured. I'm so honored! Thank all of you for your warm sentiments and of course thank you most of all Janine for working with me on this, without you it wouldn't have been what it became!


5/2/2002 10:32:59 AM
WOW an intense write. I love the title and a well deserved win indeed! Congrats Janine and Silkie!

7/9/2005 12:56:24 PM
DAMN! some good writing here. I held on for one intense ride.

Place your lips upon my rigid length
Your bloodied kiss sends me into a swoon
Moments before I slip from your grasp
And fall plummeting to the floor


7/9/2005 12:58:59 PM
Oh I totally agree. This is some intense writing. Another good collab I have read here on the board.

I shiver with anticipation
As you slowly run your finger
Along my finely honed edge
Leaving a slight trace of blood
And teasing me with the taste
As I hunger with a thirst
That is craving to be fed

I really do like that part, craving to be fed? Yummy!


7/11/2005 10:08:42 AM
Every line in this Janine is intense. I think they both used a good word on this "Intense". But I like to add a few more, dramatic and erotic in a dark way.


7/13/2005 9:04:47 AM
I do not know what I can say that has not already been said. This is a very powerful piece! Not many collabs can turn out this well where both writers can blend this good.

7/19/2005 4:15:07 AM
Place your lips upon my rigid length
Your bloodied kiss sends me into a swoon
Moments before I slip from your grasp
And fall plummeting to the floor

i thought this was a really good poem you probably dont know me but im new im 14 and my mother is lhrdina90 i hope we have a chance to talk one day ... keep up the good work
Blueberry Kitten

8/16/2005 5:33:57 AM
Seductive! How is that hussy? You two are wildly entertaining.


8/16/2005 5:35:10 AM
Saucy and dark passions abound...

8/16/2005 5:36:25 AM
Very powerful.


8/16/2005 5:38:17 AM
Wow! Great poem and great title, fits it so well.

8/19/2005 8:48:21 AM
AWESOME! Totally awesome.

8/19/2005 9:33:47 AM
A deadly duologue that rings all too true
self mutilation is nothing new
and it will last until fashions change
or death decides to re arrange
the ways that he can advertise
an express trip to paradise

1/21/2006 7:36:50 AM
What powerful writing this is. Very erotic!


1/21/2006 7:39:41 AM
This is so powerful and written with such passion, this was tremendously painful to read for me, felt my throat close and my heart pounding with every word, I have seen that place and pray to never see it again. Very well written and absolutely very well done.

Bravo you two, just amazing how it flowed together.

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com1/22/2006 10:09:55 AM
Thanks Tiffany and Lori for your comments.

Erotic Tiffany?....well, maybe just a little bit. ;)

Lori, I know it's a hard subject to talk about and awful too. The poem doesn't reflect in any way my personal views on this subject. I was following Silkie's lead who started the topic.

1/22/2006 10:11:22 AM
NO worries Janine, I think you followed very well and that both you and Silkie, write beautifully together.

Sharon Wilshire

1/22/2006 10:12:50 AM
It certainly kept me entangled in its web.


2/1/2006 9:21:57 AM
Oh my....
some pretty serious writing here Janine never knew you had this in you my dear! Damn good to see another side. I love to see variety in writers.

I really like the ending,

From where I'm lying here in your hand
I can sense your fear
Yet feel your anticipation as you
Place your lips upon my rigid length
Your bloodied kiss sends me into a swoon
Moments before I slip from your grasp
And fall plummeting to the floor

Awesome write!


Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Secret Tryst


A Secret Tryst

Whispering your name under a full-blown moon
A beacon like an optical exhibitionism show
I bask under it's glow with not a scrap of clothing on
I feel alive and for the first time in my life I belong
I wear only a small trinket around my neck
A talisman to hold as I sit on a rock dais waiting
Surrounded by an ethereal woodsy glen
Blossom and Honeysuckle perfume wafts on the cool air
And in the distance I hear an owl hoot
As a small animal screeches again and again
Wafer thin moon-beams shimmer all around me
The moon the only witness to my immortality
Forever I'll remember this very special night
I have earmarked it as our magical tryst
When two lovers secretly meet and become as one
A time to forget our enemies before the night is done

By: Janine Daniel

Author's Comments

This is a challenge where I was given a list of words and had to use one word per line. I wonder if you could work out which were the given words .... hmmmmm.

Sweetly Sensitive

3/25/2001 8:28:34 AM
Awesome job Janine!!!!!

3/25/2001 8:31:12 AM
J D. J D. how does your poetry grow? By a gentle hand with a magic touch and all the pretty words in a row!

Great job and you made it that much harder on yourself by doing it all in a row. The mark of a true writer and poet .

Doublegoodonya mate!!
Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com4/20/2001 8:53:46 AM
I won this challenge. 31/3/01
Sweetly Sensitive

6/5/2001 9:48:44 PM
Congrats Miss Janine!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Room With A View


A Room With A View

My room perched on top of the world
A view like a 3D technicolor movie

My room with a view, constantly changing
A window, an archway, a tree
where all day I can watch birds sing
a lovely up-lifting kind of thing
A view that pans out before me forever
I can see far away on the horizon
the distant hills

I wonder .......
are the people over there gazing back at me?

I ponder .......
My view from my room is a gift of creation
My room with a view is of someone else's making
whoever it was built this house
my life would be so much less without
my room with a view

I thank you

©Janine Daniel

11/17/2000 2:33:47 PM
I really enjoyed this poem, I like it a lot. Probably because I am studying for a masters of architecture, hehe. good job.

11/28/2000 12:39:15 PM
I felt like I was there. Very Nice Janine!

11/28/2000 12:46:56 PM
Sweet thoughts, Janine. I remember you saying that you now lived in your dream home, this sounds so much like that :) My own "room" (that I write from) is the "Blue Room" Although it is actually Indigo.

Philip G
11/28/2000 1:01:38 PM
Nice one Janine - sounds a great place to watch the world go by.
11/28/2000 1:14:01 PM
I can picture this so well, thank you for sharing this Janine:))
11/28/2000 1:27:56 PM
Very good Janine....

11/30/2005 2:03:30 AM
Neat :) Isn't it something how we all affect one another in life?


12/1/2005 6:02:43 AM
Beautiful Janine. :)


12/1/2005 6:04:02 AM
A lovely poem to read this morning and how blessed it is to have a Room With A View... He has created so many inspiring and uplifting things for us to veiw and absorb.

I enjoyed very much,

blessing, sharon

12/1/2005 6:05:54 AM
Your view is dependent on your viewpoint Janine.


12/1/2005 6:07:30 AM
Oh Janine! How wonderful it is to awaken each morning and look out at the new dawn and imbibe all of nature's gifts abount me. We are blessed indeed to have a Room With a View.

I'll think of you, now as I, too, look out with a song in my heart and adore this gift of God, A Room With a View.

I love you,


12/3/2005 4:50:48 AM
Janine, I like this so much and, like your words, I too love my room with a view.

Sharon Wilshire

12/3/2005 4:53:02 AM
Janine this is SUPERB. Very creative and meaningful. The best view I have ever seen! A standing ovation for you. (clapping)


12/27/2005 5:38:51 AM
Vivid imagery and imagination.

Good Poem Janine.

12/27/2005 5:39:51 AM
What a wonderful view opens from your room, Janine! I like this poem.

Alex Kalinkin
Sharon Wilshire

12/27/2005 5:41:54 AM

I love you soooo much, I am going to comment on this one again. It’s even better than the first time I read it at the old site. Your magical room with a view is spectacular!


12/27/2005 5:43:35 AM
I like this poem very much. It to me signifies that although curiosity as well as uncertainty can still make a person very thankful for what they have, almost love that is

If its okay with you we should talk about writing about the people who are looking back at the room with a view, see there perspective. Or maybe even write about who made it and why. Maybe he made the view to see a beauty he could only love from a distance.

Whoa, got carried away. Sometimes you just get inspired!

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com1/6/2006 8:35:53 AM
I received Poet of the Week Award from PCLA, Nov 27th - Dec 4th 2005 for this poem.

1/10/2006 7:58:48 AM of my faves by you Janine. A mighty fine write and one that really needs to be displayed like this.
Sharon Wilshire

1/10/2006 8:01:37 AM
Congrats Janine!

I thought this was a spectacular poem that was very original and meaningful.

Awesome write!


1/10/2006 8:02:51 AM
YES! Indeed! I love this write; it is almost like for a moment you are on the outside looking in. Seeing a view through the eyes of a poet. I really like that Janine. Thanks for the impression!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Are You A Tuggedy Muggle?


Are You A Tuggedy Muggle?

Are you a tuggedy muggle
With two big cloppedy feet
When you walk do you trip and fall
And tumble down the street?

Do you wear all your clothes
With the buttons at the back
And when you're very, very cold
Do you wear your cat as a hat?

When you eat your dinner
Do you splash it on the floor
Do you flip it here and everywhere
Then say I want some more?

And when you watch the TV
Do you laugh and boo and hiss
Do you throw your arms around that thing
And give it a smoochy kiss?

Well I'm a tuggedy muggle
And I'd really like to say
I love the way you do these things
Do you want to go and play?

By: Janine Daniel

Author's Comments

A bit of fun writing for children. Well...... are you are tuggedy muggle?

Philip G Bell

7/1/2001 11:37:33 AM
Awww that's nice, you wrote a poem about me! lol

Phlippity Gibbet
Shannon Wendler

7/1/2001 11:40:17 AM
Hehehe......this is pretty cute! Never heard of that expression before Tuggedy Muggle!! I think this one is for sure about my two boys and hubby!!

Great write here Janine!
Rachelle Wiegand

7/8/2001 10:01:14 AM
Squish...Squish.....oooghhhh....Janine, What is this stuff that got on me ? lol....This is really cute! May I print this out and read it to my boys? They love ANYTHING that makes a mess!!

Enjoyable, fun read!!


8/8/2001 6:30:04 AM
Oh a Tuggedy Muggle I am ... catch me when I fall!

Sharron lol

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Rather Spooky Beach Party


A Rather Spooky Beach Party

I'll never forget the time
We had a beach party
And I was scared out of my wits and then ......
Well, if you're interested in knowing why
Then just imagine this .........

It was a dark night
And we had a huge bonfire burning
There were 12 teenagers sitting around
Laughing and drinking
The smell of sausages sizzling
And someone strumming a guitar
Sounds of the wind rustling
In the bushes nearby
With waves lapping on the beach
Just out of the fire light's reach

One guy slunk off into the bushes
Not one of us saw him go
He'd had a bit too much to drink
And needed to .....well, you know!

After awhile I said to my friend
There's something stalking about
I'm sure I saw movement amongst those trees
And didn't you hear a shout?
He pulled me close and laughed at me
And said you silly thing
You're spooking yourself out
And imagining it ..... so come on now, lets sing!

Right at that moment when he said those words
A huge log rolled off the fire
Sparks flew out into the air
And everyone jumped back to avoid it
There was people running everywhere
Amid smoke and flying embers
Slapping on their closes and screaming
As sparks settled on their hair

Meanwhile the guy who went wandering
Had gotten himself a little lost
He heard our screams from a distance
And it really freaked him out
He didn't know what had happened
And in that time he'd spent in the dark
He imagined all sorts of weird things following him
So he started to run and shout

We were just starting to settle down
When he came crashing through the trees
He sounded like a wild animal
And he lunged right into me
I screamed again as we crashed to the ground
And next I hit my head
I rolled into the bonfire
And then I was quite dead!

Next time you have a beach party
Upon that stretch of sand
If you hear my voice or see me
I want you to understand
My ghostly form won't harm you
I love to laugh and sing
I'll always be right there for you
From summer time 'til spring

By: Janine Daniel

Author's Comments

This whole tale is true and it really happened to me, all except the part about me being dead ............ surprise! lol heeheehee!

Daniel Stafford

7/1/2001 10:13:38 AM
And we're glad you're not!! Excellent reading, very light and fun.
Shannon Wendler

7/3/2001 3:56:07 AM
Oh Janine, you are so good at writing these tales in poetry! You are such a good story teller!

And yes this was a fun read!!!


7/3/2001 3:58:47 AM
Tremendous fun! And so well done! Thanks!


Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Promise


A Promise

I've just got to tell somebody
It's my birthday today
Hip-hip-hooray! .....
Friday the 15th ... remember that date
Because guess what?
It's the first day of the rest of my life
Isn't that what they say?
I'm looking at the clock
I've been chatting with the dog
Doing anything to distract me
From wondering what the hell I'm gonna do
To pass the hours until he's here
My darling man .......
Sigh ............
About three hours ago
(God the time goes slow
when you're waiting for something) .....
The postman let me know
There was a parcel waiting for me
At the post office.
His present bought tears to my eyes
It was a lovely surprise
And imagine how I felt when I read
That soon he'll be here with me!
Be still my beating heart!
Did I ever tell you I hate waiting for things?
It makes my head ring! .....
I love him so much my heart aches
And yes, today has been great
But when he's here and I'm wrapped in his arms
Enraptured in his magic charm
I'm going to kiss him and hug him and kiss him some more
And guess what?
That's definitely a promise
Oh yes it is ......
A promise ..... mmmmmmm.

Janine Daniel

By: Janine Daniel

Author's Comments

Yes, a promise .... *S*

Rachelle Wiegand

12/24/2000 7:59:34 AM
This is neat, Janine!


My big day is the 26th...I get to share my day with the most famous and celebrated birthday..some years it is nice, other years it isn't..LOL! I know you know what I mean. Anyway, hope that you enjoyed your day and got your kisses and hugs!


Saturday, June 9, 2018

Angels Within Us


Angels Within Us

We must nurture our angels within us
Because we hold a vast well of love
So deep and pure that when in an embrace
We can override all the pain and suffering
So hold out your open arms
And call a plea to the human race
We are all but children in our hearts
So gather to us all the little children
And let us show them this
That there is life after suffering and pain
There is a soothing gentle rain
And warmth in the sunlight of their days
Laughter can be theirs again
So please show them how
When they think all is lost
The secret is living now
Tell them .......
Put away your tears and sorrow and open up your heart
Love yourself ...... be true to yourself
Then you can make a brand new start

By: Janine Daniel

Pamela D.

5/5/2002 9:41:06 AM
Yes Janine,

A great big group hug : ) to all of us.

"Love keeps us together."

Beautiful title, words, and meaning.

Thank you for your prayers.

John Woods

5/5/2002 9:43:20 AM
I'm all out of words today... I saw a few washed out on the tide when I walked by the beach earlier, but I'm a little lost for tides of my own at the moment. So please excuse me if I keep my reply simple... yes. (I think that covers what I feel about this)

hugs, John

5/5/2002 9:45:12 AM
Wonderful Janine :) I like this one very much :)

5/5/2002 9:47:09 AM
Oh, Janine, this is incredibly touching!! ((((((hug))))))) I got lost in your beautiful words of compassion! I agree, love yourself ... be true to yourself! Well said!

10/11/2005 4:32:14 AM
What can I say, the opening lines in this says it all,

We must nurture our angels within us
Because we hold a vast well of love

Very inspirational writing Janine. Touches the heart!

10/12/2005 6:02:18 AM
Words of Wisdom!

The secret is living now
Tell them .......
Put away your tears and sorrow and open up your heart
Love yourself ...... be true to yourself
Then you can make a brand new start

Mark Wood

4/19/2002 7:01:56 AM
See what I mean, that is so pretty and sweet. Woody
Marcia Ellen

4/19/2002 7:03:53 AM
Janine, your children's writings have such appeal. Even to jaded older kids like me!! Kewl stuff here!! No doubt about it!!

That Happy Chica
Marcia Ellen

4/19/2002 7:05:57 AM

This is a piece that every adult should read! I'm going to print it out-- I know a few people who should read it! A beautiful and moving write!

Daniel A.
4/23/2002 3:26:25 AM
A wonderful vision to see and recall, a wonderful message to hear,
When the dark closes in, this is pure light.

Daniel A.
7/4/2002 3:05:47 AM
Janine - I'm way behind on this, but congratulations on winning. I think this is one of the sweetest poems...

Janine Danielspinnys@hotmail.comwww.spinnys.com7/4/2002 11:35:12 AM
Thanks John for including this poem with the winners of May. :) It's very much appreciated.

8/26/2005 4:58:49 AM
Janine, that is so beautiful, with this one I did not cry, but tears welled up and had that lump in my throat though.. fantastic job as


8/28/2005 4:12:37 AM
This struck a deep chord Janine, after some years of working with abused children I know it can be so.
Immortal Princess

8/31/2005 2:35:33 AM
That was very touching
Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com9/1/2005 9:12:50 AM
Nominated for Poem of the Week at Flowing Quills poetry forum, 1/9/05
Wanda Fable Weaver

9/2/2005 3:15:35 AM
Janine, A beautiful write, and I do so wish there was not a need to work with ABUSED children. Our children experience horrors in their young and tender lives that would be difficult for adults to experience.

Keep writing about this, it is needful.


9/2/2005 3:17:15 AM
This was a gift to read Janine, beautiful words full of wisdom. I truly enjoyed.


9/3/2005 4:01:31 AM
Janine J,

What a sad but touching write ...has a lot of truth within it ...

Janine Danieljanine@spinnys.comwww.spinnys.com9/5/2005 2:35:09 AM
This poem awarded Poem of the Week at Flowing Quills Poetry forum, 4/9/05

9/5/2005 2:36:52 AM
Congrats, Janine! Wonderful writing.

Alaura dus

9/5/2005 2:38:43 AM

Congrats on the POW, Janine~! :)

Wanda Fable Weaver

9/5/2005 2:40:03 AM
Janine, Congratulations on winning the gold with this delightful write.


10/13/2005 4:14:56 AM
A poem worthy of praise....This is so beautiful and uplifting.
Thank you Janine, for your heart is always full of kindness.


11/2/2005 4:27:34 AM
I have to quote the same as Amy and Cheyanne:

Tell them .......
Put away your tears and sorrow and open up your heart
Love yourself ...... be true to yourself
Then you can make a brand new start

We must nurture our angels within us
Because we hold a vast well of love

Janine this is beautiful, and so moving. I never knew words could touch my heart like this but yours did. crying1.gif As you know I adore angels and no one could say it better!